What are your expectations or fears in future healthcare delivery?

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Background: a medical revolution is ongoing through health technologies.

Medical care is currently changing fast, to always better answer unmet medical needs, notably through the use of new health technologies and a better collaboration between the different actors of healthcare. Medical doctors have more possibilities for faster and smarter decision-making to diagnose and treat their patients with very precise, effective and adapted care, at any step of their “journey” in healthcare (prevention, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, homecare, remission).

As part of the NOBEL project was developed the “Continuum for Integrated Care”, a concept integrating an approach of preventive and personalized patient care, describing the current evolution of healthcare systems and the influence of new health technologies in this global change. We are now in the process of enriching this strategic vision through the contribution of all European citizens, from all countries and of all ages. Your insights on the social impact of these new health technologies on the healthcare system will be crucial to better inform decision makers at national, European and international levels and shape together the healthcare system of the future.

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