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The TAB helps you building successful HealthTech businesses in Europe!

Tailored support for your HealthTech project

IP, innovation funding, strategy, company development, industrial R&D, intellectual property

Open to all

Entrepreneurs, SMEs, industry, academic labs, etc.

A team of leading experts of HealthTech industry

Deep hands-on knowledge and expertise in developing and bringing innovative HealthTech solutions to the market

Free-of-charge for beneficiaries

The HealthTech TAB is funded by the NOBEL Project.

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by industry experts.

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Key figures

15 M€

Raised by beneficiaries




HealthTech companies in Europe

Since 2015, NOBEL manages the HealthTech Translation Advisory Board, a premium service offering tailored support to the selected HealthTech innovations, free-of-charge for beneficiaries. It aims to accelerate the development of emerging medical technologies in Europe. The TAB, a group of high-level experts,  is a unique and free-of-charge service to help the translation to the market of the best innovation orginated from medical technologies.

HealthTech TAB Events

TAB Session

On November 7th2018, during BioEurope in Copenhagen, Denmark

TAB Greet & Meet

On NOBEL Booth in MedFIT 2018, on June 25th in Strasbourg, France.