What is NOBEL?

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A unique ecosystem to make healthcare revolution happen in europe!

The NOBEL Coordination and Support Action has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement n°766492.

NOBEL’s missions

Building an ecosystem

NOBEL organizes multiple events to create a unique meeting place for all stakeholders from emerging medical technologies in Europe.

Shaping a strategy

NOBEL builds a commune vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, integrating the separate roadmaps of emerging medical technologies: the Continuum of Care.

Accelerating innovation

NOBEL manages the HealthTechTAB, tailored support to the selected HealthTech innovations, free-of-charge for beneficiaries.

From precision engineering to smart connected HealthTech, and from academic research to the clinic, NOBEL is creating an European HealthTech ecosystem, for the convergence of nanomedicine with photonics, robotics, biomaterials, digital health and textile.

Dr. Alexandre Ceccaldi, NOBEL Coordinator

NOBEL Consortium

NOBEL is a Consortium of 20 partners, including 8 Core Partners. It is coordinated by the European Technological Platform in Nanomedicine (ETPN).

Core partners

Complementary expertise & networks all along the HealthTech value Chain

MedTech Europe

The European trade association representing the medical technology industries, from diagnosis to cure

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Tyndall Institute of Technology

A leading European research centre in integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware and systems, specialising in both electronics and photonics

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Fondazione Don Gnocchi

The Don Gnocchi foundation manages the biggest hospital network in Italy.

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Bioanalytik Muenster

A regional network of research, companies and organisations promoting research and education in bioanalytics. Leader of NOBEL WP5 – Strategy and roadmapping.

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A Technology Transfer Office from the University of Minho. Leader of NOBEL WP4 – Translation & Innovation, manager of the HealthTech TAB.

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CEA Leti

A technology research Institute pioneering micro and nanotechnology with a multi-disciplinary approach. Leader of NOBEL WP3 – Ecosystem building

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A leading service provider in innovation and technology project management. Leader of NOBEL WP1 – Management & Coordination

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The Nanomedicine European Technological Platform – the think tank for nanomedicine in Europe and a driving force for industrialisation. Leader of NOBEL WP2 – Communcation

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Associated partners

Nanomedicine National Platforms

NanoMed North

The Scandinavian Nanomedicine Platform

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Nano Medicine Austria

The Austrian National Nanomedicine Platform

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Deutsche Plattform NanoBioMedizin

The German National Nanomedicine Platform

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The British Society for Nanomedicine

The British National Nanomedicine Platform

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The French National Nanomedicine Platform

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NanoMed Spain

The Spanish National Nanomedicine Platform

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Associated partners

European Technological Platforms (ETP’s) with applications in healthcare


The European Technological Platform on Fibres-Textile-Clothing

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The European Technological Platform on Smart Systems Integration

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The European Society of Biomaterials

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The European Technological Platform on Advanced Engineered Materials and Technologies

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Photonics 21

The European Technological Platform on Photonics

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EU-Robotics / SPARC

The European Technological Platform on Robotics

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