NOBEL, a unique ecosystem to make

healthcare revolution happen in Europe!

Building an ecosystem

NOBEL organizes multiple events to create a unique meeting place for all the  stakeholders from emerging medical technologies in Europe.

Shaping a strategy

NOBEL builds a commune vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, integrating the separate roadmaps of emerging medical technologies: the Continuum of Care.

Accelerating innovation

NOBEL manages the HealthTech TAB (Translation Advisory Board), tailored support to the selected HealthTech innovations, free-of-charge for beneficiaries.

HealthTech World Cancer Day 2020

Smarter technologies to beat cancer.
Second edition of the HealthTech World Cancer Day, on February 3rd.
Five simultaneous open events in all Europe: choose yours!
France, Ireland, Israel, Portugal and Spain.

The Center for Nanobioanalytics in Münster: a hotspot in the field in Europe.

The Center for Nanobioanalytics (NBZ) in Münster, Germany harbours and supports 8 young companies of the field to foster their transfer from basic science to business. It regroups start-Ups in microfluidics and companies specialized in high resolution technologies...

Five European projects shaping the future of medicine!

NOBEL highlights today a first series of 5 HealthTech European projects, brilliant examples showing how emerging medical technologies can shape the future of healthcare in Europe. They are all funded by the Horizon 2020, the 8th European Framework program for...

Contribute to the public consultation about the EUHealthPPP before Nov. 24, 2019

Five health industry associations  – MedTech Europe (core Partner of the NOBEL Project, COCIR, EFPIA, EuropaBio & Vaccines Europes – are currently in discussions towards the creation of a Public-Private Partnership under Horizon Europe, the next EU...

NOBEL will present the HealthTech TAB during the GIANT health summit !

Come and visit NOBEL booth during GIANT health summit, on October 15-16 in London to discover the HealthTech TAB, our mentoring service providing innovators with world-class industry expertise !

Photonics for healthcare : what does the science of light bring to medicine?

NOBEL has released a complete fact-sheet on the impact of photonics on the future of healthcare.

Organs-on-Chip – a revolution in healthcare?

  Organ-on-Chip A revolution in healthcare?A great shift in therapies availability will soon happen thanks to organs-on-chip, new devices containing living engineered tissues, in a controlled and sterile micro-environment. Indeed, they are able to simulate the...

HealthTech World Cancer Day 2020
February 3, 2020

All over Europe
// Cancer
Conference day in European cities to discover smarter solutions to beat cancer !

MedTech Forum 2020
May 25-27, 2020

Berlin, Germany
// HealthTech

June 15-17, 2020

Heraklion, Greece
// Nanomedicine
The biggest nanomedicine European congress.

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#HealthTech World Cancer Day #Israel : a success, 9 experts introduced the huge potential of #health technologies in #oncology at @TelAvivUni. All the presentations are online in video:
#HWCD #MedTech #healthcare #innovation #WorldCancerDay

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