The NOBEL Project

Smarter HealthTech in Europe

The NOBEL Project builds a unique ecosystem in Europe for the convergence of Nanomedicine & emerging medical technologies. NOBEL is a Coordination and Support Action (C.S.A.) funded for three years by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement #766492.


  • align & integrate separate strategies and roadmaps into a single roadmap for the future of medical technologies in Europe
  • create a functional and sustainable ecosystem for EU emerging medical technologies
  • improve awareness and communication among all healthcare stakeholders in Europe
  • provide Translation & Acceleration tools for innovative projects in HealthTech, expanding the successful concept of the Nanomedicine Translation HUB designed by the ETPN


  • increased take-up of innovative nanomedicine and emerging medical technologies solutions by industry and SMEs, end-users, regulatory and public authorities, healthcare insurances, doctors and patients, research organisations and academia
  • improvement of cross-KETs activities to provide better integrated smart healthcare solutions
  • increased international networking with new potential market opportunities
  • Global Improvement of the competitiveness of the European healthcare sector


Retour sur le #HWCD-France à @SupBiotech : tribune par le Dr. Alexandre Ceccaldi, @etpnanomedicine : "Des solutions plus intelligentes pour vaincre le #cancer : la révolution des #technologies médicales"
@biotechinfo30 #HealthTech #MedTech #WorldCancerDay

#EUIndustryDay #Digitalisation as a driver of success – what next? Laurent Herault (@CEA_Leti) #Europe needs to be autonomous in some strategic domains of digital industry, chips for instance. Märtha Rehnberg promoted better awareness of EU tools for to develop digital #industry.

#EUIndustryDay From #decarbonization to #ArtificialIntelligence, an amazing session! A value and business driven use of #AI to address the main societal challenges including #healthcare was promoted, as well as the emergency to upgrade #digital skills of European citizens.

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