The NOBEL Consortium has just published its vision for the future of healthcare in Europe, the Continuum of Integrated Care  scientific paper in the Institute for Innovation and Technology (IIT) journal. The article “A model for a life-long personalised Continuum of Integrated Care revolutionising healthcare delivery: Description of technological impact“, is available to download. Read it and learn more about the medical revolution brought about by new smart health technologies. Not only does HealthTech allows new diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation options, but it is also changing the whole paradigm of healthcare in Europe.

Feedback from technological, clinical and regulatory experts

A conceptual model for technology and data enabled healthcare

Solutions improving the quality of life of the patients

What is new: connection between all phases and actors in healthcare

Guidance for all to implement a more preventive, personalised and continuous healthcare system.

Altogether, the publication describes the ongoing healthcare revolution enabled and driven by technology : a holistic model of care, with higher emphasis on prediction and prevention, for a personalised and patient-centered pre-acute, acute and post-acute medical care. It overall puts the patient back at the center of the healthcare system, improving clinical outcome and attenuating the cost-intensive acute phase.

In this paper published by the NOBEL project team, the Continuum of Integrated Care is described as a holistic concept to emphasise the impact of new emerging technologies on models of care and on the organisation of healthcare systems. It highlights the opportunities to exploit and to deliver innovative medical technology products and solutions for the benefit of patients.

Kathleen Spring

CEO, Bioanalytik Münster

The authors

The Institute of Innovation and Technology

The Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) provides the fundamental and necessary elements the identification of social and technology-related policy developments at an early stage. Since 2007, its experts analyse, research and forecasting technological and social trends:

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  • What impact might these developments have on people, the economy, society and nature? 

Creating a HealthTech ecosystem in Europe

The NOBEL Project has created a unique European HealthTech ecosystem in Europe. It gathers all kind of stakeholders from academia to industry, and key technologies that have an application in healthcare among which: nanomedicine, robotics, smart systems, photonics, advanced materials, digital health. One of the 3 main missions of NOBEL is to build a commune vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, integrating the separate roadmaps of emerging medical technologies: the Continuum of Integrated Care, published in the IIT Journal. Stay tuned!

Shaping a strategy

NOBEL builds a commune vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, integrating the separate roadmaps of emerging medical technologies: the Continuum of Integrated Care