The Center for Nanobioanalytics (NBZ) in Münster, Germany harbours and supports 8 young companies of the field to foster their transfer from basic science to business. It regroups start-Ups in microfluidics and companies specialized in high resolution technologies such as mass spectrometry and electron microscopy. Among them, Bioanalytik Münster (BioMS), is a core partner of the NOBEL Partner and a strategic partner of these top-level German innovation providers in  Nanotechnologies & Nanomedicine.


EVORION Biotechnologies: a startup developing high-performance cell culture systems

Dr. Sebastian Buehren, CEO of EVORION, and his team have developed a new & innovative microfluidic device enabling multiparametric analysis of complex cell populations at a single-cell resolution level. This droplet-based microfluidic system allows the device to establish a direct correlation of a single cell with its functional phenotype and genetic parameters. Altogether, this would allow to characterize very rare cells in the plasma, e.g. circulating tumor cells and provide new solutions for personalized anti-cancer diagnostics & therapy

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Quantum Analysis GmbH: an SME manufacturing biophotonic devices

Dr. Wolfgang Goehde, CEO of Quantum Analysis, is an expert of compact flow cytometers. The company has built a production plant on-site to develop in house all the necessary components, from individual laser modules to softwares. The specificity of their model is the size of the cytometer, that can fit on a desktop or bench, and the size of the company developing devices, which are usually produced at an industrial level only! Since its creation in 2000, Quantum Analysis GmbH supplies big local diagnostics companies with its unique compact flow cytometer.

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Bioanalytik Münster: the regional network in nanobioanalytics

The efforts of BioMS for 20 years to promote Münster as a unique ans comprehensive ecosystem of excellence for nanobioanalytics have been consecrated by the inauguration of the Center for Nanobioanalytics in 2011. Indeed, BioMS has built a track record on projects related to Nanomedicine and Bioanalytics on national and EU level. It has also fostered collaboration between the local universities, the city of Münster and different companies. It is now a key Partner of NOBEL, identifying and integrating all technologies with medical applications in a single vision for the future of healthcare in Europe, the Continuum of Care.

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