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How to innovate in healthcare delivery?

How to innovate in healthcare delivery?

Read the results of our survey to the healthcare procurers from EURIPHI Consortium and learn how value based innovation assessment will revolution healthcare delivery.
HealthTech World Cancer Day 2020: smarter solutions to beat cancer, a feedback.

HealthTech World Cancer Day 2020

Smarter technologies to beat cancer. Second edition of the HealthTech World Cancer Day, on February 3rd. Five simultaneous open events in all Europe: choose yours! France, Ireland, Israel, Portugal and Spain.

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TRAILER! "A #patient’s journey into the Continuum of Integrated #Care!" Meet John & see how smart #HealthTech allows him to take care of his #health.
How do you envision the future of your #healthcare?
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Participe in the final #workshop of the @smart4fabry project on Feb. 3! All info. & registration process is available here:
Join & learn what #Nanomedicine can bring to better treat a #RareDisease like #Fabry!
#biologicals #nanosafety #toxicology

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