NOBEL, a unique ecosystem to make

healthcare revolution happen in Europe!

Building an ecosystem

NOBEL organizes multiple events to create a unique meeting place for all the  stakeholders from emerging medical technologies in Europe.

Shaping a strategy

NOBEL builds a commune vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, integrating the separate roadmaps of emerging medical technologies: the Continuum of Care.

Accelerating innovation

NOBEL manages the HealthTech TAB (Translation Advisory Board), tailored support to the selected HealthTech innovations, free-of-charge for beneficiaries.

NEW RELEASE: Watch the HealthTech TAB movie, apply and get support from our team of world-class industry experts

Discover our unique service providing European HealthTech innovators with strategic advice & custom support to help them transform their medical inventions in successful businesses!

Apply for the joint call of the MedTech OITBs to fight against COVID-19!

Three Open Innovation Test Beds, pan-European innovation networks tailored to the specific needs of MedTech actors, have initiated a call for expressions of interest from SMEs performing COVID-19-related developments. TBMED, MDOC and SAFE-N-MEDTECH open their service at no costs for selected projects, with the aim of enabling innovative medical technologies to solve more problems regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the SARS-COV2. The NOBEL project, which has created an ecosystem for healthtech synergy in Europe, warmly invites its community to mobilize urgently and contribute to this new initiative against the coronavirus pandemic. In this article you will find all useful information to apply to this Joint OITB call before October 2nd, 5PM CET.

Robotics for healthcare: what can robots bring to medicine?

Not only do robots help to reach extreme precision in surgery, but also they revolution many domains of #medicine, from prosthetics to facility management: learn how.

How to innovate in healthcare delivery?

Read the results of our survey to the healthcare procurers from EURIPHI Consortium and learn how value based innovation assessment will revolution healthcare delivery.

Survey for clinicians: envision the future of healthcare systems!

Participate to our survey to give us your insights on the impact of health technologies on healthcare.

The protagonists of health technologies are preparing for the post-COVID-19

The NOBEL Project, acting for a smarter use of healthtech in Europe in order to tackle complex medical challenges, is preparing a new framework for analysis and decision making following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We are happy to share with you today,...

NEW RELEASE: The NOBEL Project’s compendium about the testing, regulation & reimbursement of healthcare products.

The NOBEL Project, aiming to support a faster and easier translation to the market of all emerging medical technologies, has just released a compendium providing useful information for anyone wanting to develop healthcare products in Europe and/or non European...

Five European projects shaping the future of medicine!

NOBEL highlights today a first series of 5 HealthTech European projects, brilliant examples showing how emerging medical technologies can shape the future of healthcare in Europe. They are all funded by the Horizon 2020, the 8th European Framework program for...

Photonics for healthcare : what does the science of light bring to medicine?

NOBEL has released a complete fact-sheet on the impact of photonics on the future of healthcare.

Oct 14-16, 2020

Heraklion, Greece
// HealthTech
3 days to meet the European Nanomedicine community!

MedFIT & BioFIT 2020
December 7-8, 2020

Lille, France
// HealthTech
The European partnering event for innovation and investment

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BREAKING NEWS: #ETPN2020 goes fully VIRTUAL on October 14-15:
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